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Zuidberg on Track with Tracks System

Getting good traction in North America

By Jim Timlick

Zuidberg North America opened for business in 2014, but this winter is serving as something of a “coming out” party for the Cedar Falls, Iowa-based company.

While its three-point front hitch and front power take-off (PTO) systems for tractors have already established Zuidberg as a major player in the agricultural sector, the company is poised to make major inroads into the snow grooming industry this season thanks to the introduction of its innovative Zuidberg Tracks system.

Two Midwest snow grooming clubs – the White Thunder Riders in northern Wisconsin and the Cadillac Winter Promotions in Michigan – have adopted the Zuidberg track conversion system while Lulich Implement in Mason, Wis. is demoing the system for area clubs.

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Sled Golden

Go westward for mountain snowmobiling

By Jim Chliboyko

In these recent years of snowless Novembers, especially on the Canadian prairies, it’s not a bad idea for an avid snowmobiler to look west to a place like Golden, B.C.

“It’s a little warmer than it’s been the last couple years to start, but that’s okay,” said Golden Snowmobile Club secretary, Aaron Bernasconi. “It’s been snowing since October, so we’re dealing with a 140-centimetre snowpack right now, which is pretty good for November. We’re on par for last year’s snowpacks.”

“We get a lot of Saskatchewan plates in town and I think that’s been pretty important to our industry,” said Magi Scallion, the club’s newly installed executive director. “It’s a long drive for them, but we’re closer than some other areas and every year we’re building our reputation as an excellent snowmobiling destination.”

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Where Are Your Volunteers?

Focus on retaining your current crew

By Donna Lockhart, The Rethink Group

Recruit, recruit, recruit … Why is everyone so focused on the recruitment of volunteers?
It seems that every organization these days is focused on recruitment:

  • “If only we had more volunteers!”
  • “Our services have increased and our volunteers are decreasing!”
  • “Greater competition for volunteer resources means we have to be the best in recruitment!”
  • “Recruitment is our real issue; that’s why we are targeting youth and baby boomers!”
  • “Our retention issues will be solved when we can get enough volunteers recruited!”

Sound familiar? Recent studies indicate the number one issue for most non-profits is, in fact, recruitment of volunteers. I don’t want to suggest that organizations abandon this focus completely, but rather shift some attention to another aspect in volunteer management – retention.

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