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Prinoth launches contest for snowmobile clubs: Tales from the Trails

Prinoth is pleased to announce the launch of its Tales from the Trails contest for snowmobiles clubs in North America.

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Finding Hope

High Fives Foundation offers support to athletes with life-altering injuries

By Bilal Rana


Roy Tuscany grew up always wanting to be a pro skier. After graduating from the University of Vermont in 2004, he moved west to do just that. He moved to be part of the culture and to work towards his dream of one day going pro. He found work as a ski instructor at Sugar Bowl Academy, a ski school in California. He was making it happen. He was living the life he set out to.

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A Lesson from Puerto Rico

Composite poles offer a durable option for on- or off-slope pole installation

By Philip Gotthelf, Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC


Indeed, wooden telephone poles have been the standard for carrying above ground electrical services and communications since the telegraph was introduced in 1840. Wooden telephone poles seemed destined to continue as the above-ground standard for stringing up wires in Puerto Rico until Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017 with winds gusting in excess of 200 miles per hour, snapping almost all wooden utility poles like twigs.

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