September 2017

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    Wearable tech to keep you warm

    Thanks to continuous advances in technology, in recent years more companies are introducing wearable technologies – jackets, vests, gloves, insoles, face masks, tops and bottoms – that can literally keep you warm for hours. There are even battery-powered electric-heated socks.

    Volt Heat is one such company that manufactures and distributes electrically heated clothing utilizing its patented Zero Layer® heating system.

  • Be Prepared

    Working in the mountains requires a whole new level of emergency preparedness. Make sure you have what it takes to start and end your workday safely.

    Anyone who works or plays in the mountains can picture it. And there are an infinite number of YouTube videos if you can’t.

    A pristine bed of powder on top of what seems like the tallest mountain peak on earth, sparkling like a bed of diamonds under a cloudless blue sky. An enthusiast of the mountains has attached a GoPro to their helmet. Flip to the obligatory shot of ski tips hanging over the edge of where they’re about to drop in. Said drop in occurs.

  • Overcoming Adversity

    Bragg Creek, Alta. was hit hard by flooding four years ago, but the growing popularity of the area’s cross-country skiing and all-season trails is helping the community come back

    Nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills just southeast of Calgary, Alta., Bragg Creek is known for its extensive network of picturesque cross-country skiing and all-season trails that draw thousands of visitors each year.

    In 2013, the hamlet of 600 people suffered a devastating blow when the swollen Elbow River burst its banks and destroyed many homes and businesses.

  • Snow Grooming University

    A new program for training operators of snow grooming equipment

    One of the biggest challenges for many North American ski hill operations is finding experienced people who can operate snow grooming machines to move the mounds of white stuff needed to shape their winter wonderland.

    Unlike many businesses that can access a steady stream of trained graduates from colleges or trade schools, most ski operations must provide their own on-the-job training or hire people who were trained at another resort.

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