September 2018

  • A Vision for the Future

    SnowOPs - September 2018

    Making it happen at Taos Ski Valley Resort

    By Deb Smith


    In 1954, Swiss-German immigrant, Ernie Blake, his wife, Rhoda Blake and their three children moved into a camper nestled at the southern base of the Rocky Mountains in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico.

  • Emergency Preparedness in the Great Outdoors

    VSSL Gear knows that being prepared for all situations and conditions can be the difference between life and death in the frigid winter months 

    By Lisa Kopochinski


    There are northerners, and then there are those people I call “true northerners.” Individuals such as Todd Weimer.

  • Fresh Take on Snow Grooming

    It’s no secret that buying and operating snow grooming equipment can be very expensive, but Mountain States Snowcats is offering an alternative

    By Mark Halsall


    Owning and operating a snow grooming fleet can be a costly proposition for any ski resort or recreation area.

  • In the Snow

    SNOWsat ToDo

    Tasks that become apparent to the ski patrol or the slope manager during the day are noted,

    scheduled and entered as a job using SNOWsat ToDo. Nothing is forgotten, everything is completed promptly and everyone in the team knows about it.

  • New Giggijoch Mountain Gondola Offers State-of-the-Art Comfort

    Completed in just seven months, this detachable mono-rope gondola has 10-person cabins and boasts an hourly capacity of 4,500 people

    By Lisa Kopochinski


    Not only is the new Giggijoch Mountain gondola a true masterpiece of lift technology, it’s also an impressive

  • Sales Lift

    How Liftopia helps ski resorts reach the summit of online ticket pre-sales 

    By Candice G. Ball


    Even though Liftopia pioneered dynamic pricing for more than 110 lift companies all over the world and powers the largest consumer online marketplace for lift tickets, the CEO of Arosa Lenzerheide still

  • Shredding for All

    Adaptive programs make sure there is ample opportunity for everyone – no matter what their ability – to enjoy the magnificence of winter snow sports 

    By Jess Campbell


    Picture this:

    You’ve come to a new ski resort for a weekend stay with friends and family.

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