September 2019

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough for SE Group

    Over 60 years designing the world’s ski resorts

    By Candice G. Ball


    The design of ski resorts wasn’t exactly simple in the late 1950s, but the business of skiing centered around selling lift tickets and maybe a hot dog or hamburger. Today, mountain resorts operate year-round and offer everything from ziplining and yoga retreats to fat biking and wine tasting.

  • Building for Air

    A lean operation builds impressive terrain parks at Jack Frost and Big Boulder

    By Jim Chliboyko


    At this point of his career, Pat Morgan finds himself calling The Poconos home. Also called the Poconos Mountains, it’s an escarpment tucked into Pennsylvania’s northeastern corner. This is where you’ll find Jack Frost and Big Boulder (JFBB), two properties of Peak Resorts. It’s an interesting spot to be for Morgan, JFBB’s director of freestyle terrain, being neighbors with 27 million potential skiers and snowboarders.

  • Changing Foundations

    How to save on infrastructure projects

    By Philip Gotthelf, Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC


    It’s not easy to build on a mountainside. Challenges can include extreme slope angle, altitude, rock ledges, soil inconsistency, high winds and extreme weather. Traditional approaches include excavating, pouring concrete piles or foundations, moving materials to and from the site, and meeting deadlines.

  • Covering-Up

    Custom covers protect mountainside equipment and amenities

    By Scott Mullens, Equip Inc.


    Between high elevation UV light, extreme temperature fluctuations and normal wear and tear caused by ongoing use, equipment and amenities at ski resorts can take a beating. Replacement is a constant for many resorts and the cost to replace heavy equipment including groomers, lift chairs, snowmaking equipment and other capital-intensive machinery can be a sizeable expense.

  • Electric Dreams Come True

    An electric snow groomer has been a dream for many in the ski industry and PistenBully could soon make that dream a reality

    By Jim Timlick


    For many years, the notion of an emissions-free snow groomer has been something of a holy grail: a great idea rife with possibilities, but not very practical when it comes to the alpine world.

  • Hose Safety 101

    Time for the snowmaking industry to consider industry-wide hose safety standards

    By Jason Sawin, CHS Snowmakers


    Safety: It’s thought about, talked about and practiced, but is every aspect of safety being covered? The short answer is no.

    The “low hanging fruit” are the easy things to protect like ears, eyes and heads with helmets. The harder safety items are not as obvious. Industry should discover these things together, come up with solutions together and implement those solutions together. This article addresses snowmaking hose as it pertains to our unique environment.

  • In The Snow

     New campaign to celebrate snowmobiling

    The snowmobile manufacturers are collectively organizing and supporting a new, North American “International Snowmobile Celebration” dealer event, Oct. 25-27, 2019. The dealer-focused event will celebrate the snowmobiling community and prepare for the upcoming season.

  • New Owners, New Energy

    Windham Mountain Resort expands its capacity and its energy

    By Sarah B. Hood


    It’s six decades old, and it’s brand-new. Last December, as it moved into its 58th winter season, New York’s Windham Mountain Resort entered a strategic partnership with Connecticut-based private equity firm North Castle Partners, with plans to build on an impressive program of recent improvements and take the property into a new stage of life as a true four-season destination.

  • Saved by the Cell

    The new AirFlare app transforms a cell phone into a powerful rescue beacon

    By Mark Halsall


    There are always risks associated with downhill skiing, whether it’s the danger posed by hazards such as tree wells – which can trap unsuspecting skiers – or the possibility of getting lost when straying out of bounds at a ski resort.

  • The Art and Science of Snow Grooming

    PRINOTH continues to deliver the tools and the expertise

    By Deb Draper


    PRINOTH, a world leader in snow grooming technology, has built its reputation for performance, sustainability and cost effectiveness upon a philosophy of innovation and courage – courage to explore new ideas moving forward into the future.

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