September 2020

  • Cold Weather Collection

    Mountain Uniforms has been keeping outdoor workers warm for almost 25 years

    By Lisa Gordon


    It will be a sweltering Saturday in ski season before Kim Stearns takes a one-size-fits-all approach to manufacturing cold weather gear.

    As she well knows, mainstream outerwear designed for skiers and snowboarders doesn’t cut it for snow patrol team members, ski instructors and lift attendants who sometimes endure as many as 180 days of biting cold each winter.

  • Fleet Management

    AtlasTrax eases asset tracking for improved safety and efficiency

    Submitted by Carolyn Stash, AtlasTrax USA Corp.


    AtlasTrax Communication Worldwide, with the U.S. office in Deerfield Beach, Fla., is a leader in GPS tracking hardware and software, which supports its clients in their daily administration and operations worldwide. Born out of a vision to help improve safety in many industries that use GPS satellite tracking and detailed maps, AtlasTrax is an expert in snow grooming tracking and winter sports, as well as all assets (ATV, boats, personal watercraft) that need safety, productivity and theft recovery.

  • In the Snow

    Dave Kelly awarded Carson White Snowsports Achievement Award

    Dave Kelly of Magic Carpet Lifts/RMCE, Inc., was awarded the Carson White Snowsports Achievement Award. The North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA) recognizes innovators and pioneers annually who have made a remarkable contribution to North American winter sports. The Carson White Snowsports Achievement Award is their highest honor award. It is named in memory of Carson White, the first president of the U.S. Ski Writers Association, the predecessor of NASJA.

  • International Snowmobile Hall of Fame

    Meet the Class of 2020

    Submitted by the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame


    Terry Hutchinson, Prior Lake, Minn. – Volunteer and Club Organizer

    In his nearly 50 years of organized snowmobiling, Terry Hutchinson has been involved in all levels of the sport. It all started with the creation of the Prior Lake Snowmobile Association (PLSA) in 1972. Hutchinson served as PLSA president for over 10 years and as trail coordinator for the past 45 years. In 1984, Scott County’s three snowmobile clubs created an alliance called Sno-Trails, Inc. Hutchinson held the office of president and served as trail coordinator for over 40 years for Sno-Trails, Inc., as well.

  • Managing Snow Depth Measurement

    Finding the best way to take the guesswork out of snow management

    By Pat Rediger


    For decades at many ski resorts and ski areas, snow depth has been recorded and monitored via a yard stick or some other rudimentary device staked into the ground prior to the first snowfall of the season. Although this has served as a decent estimate for guests, technologies have now entered the market that are taking the guesswork out of snow measurements, leading to improved business operations and enhanced safety.

  • MND Group Serves All Our Mountain Needs

    Based in the French Alps, a world-class ski facility company is scaling new heights of business success

    By Pat Rediger


    Finding success in the global marketplace can be a lot like climbing a mountain. So perhaps it’s appropriate that Montagne et Neige (MND Group) is based in the French Alps with its main headquarters in Sainte-Hélène du Lac, since it has scaled the highs of business excellence. The company also has two other production sites, five international distribution subsidiaries and 28 distributors worldwide. The publicly traded company employs 335 people, has approximately 3,000 customers and is led by CEO and founder Xavier Gallot Lavelle.

  • Partnership for the Course

    Golf and country clubs are forming partnerships with Nordic ski clubs to increase the usage of their grounds throughout the year

    By Paul Adair


    Across Canada, golf and country clubs are continuing to find ways to increase the usage of their property throughout the year, particularly during the long winter months when the course sits blanketed with snow. One of the ways they are doing this is by seeking out mutually beneficial partnerships with outside associations or groups, such as Nordic ski clubs.

  • Sun Valley Resort

    Commited to customer service, facility improvements and environmental sustainability.

    By Shel Zolkewich


    It’s estimated that snow sport tourism dumps over $20 billion into the U.S. economy on an annual basis (according to researchers at the University of New Hampshire and Colorado State University). The combined economic spin-off of travel, accommodations, dining and entertainment – along with traditional lift ticket purchases – makes ski resorts some of the most popular vacation destinations across the nation.

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