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flailmower small3-Point Rear Mounted Flail Mower able to cut large areas of grass or brush up to 1” diameter, for installation on tractor or grooming vehicle.


rotarymower midmountedMid mounted boom mower with a horizontal reach of 30 feet and a variety of cutting head options, including a rotary head with the abilty to cut brush up to 5” diameter.

rotarymower remotecontrolledRemote controlled track drive rotary mower with the ability to mow grass and brush up to 1.5” in diameter on slopes up to 50 degrees.

remotecontrolled track driveRemote controlled track drive tool carrier with a variety of attachment options for use on slopes up to 60 degrees

small grooming drags mogulSmall groomer drags must be between 4’ and 6’ in width and between 8’ and 12’ in length

midsized grooming mogulWidth must be min. 7’ and max. 10’. Length must be minimum 16’ and no longer than 20’.

largegroomingdrags Width must be min. 12’ and max. 15’ (with foldouts extended). Length must be minimum 20’. There is no Maximum length.


midsizedtrailgroomer1Equipment used for XC ski, snowmobile trail grooming 150 - 250 HP


largetrailgroomer1Equipment used for XC ski, snowmobile trail grooming over 200 HP


alpine midAn alpine groomer up to 400 HP used in grooming ski areas, side hills and slopes with up to a 35% slope


alpine large1An alpine groomer over 400 HP used in grooming alpine ski areas, slopes and side hills with up to a 35% slope

winchgroomer1A winch groomer must include a winch apparatus and an engine over 400 HP

litegroomers1On-snow vehicle with two or more tracks, must be under 150 HP with cab for 2 people or more and able to pull minimum 1,000 lbs


smallfanSmallest snow making fan gun produced to throw snow


largefanLargest snow making fan gun produced to throw snow


mid sized trackTrack conversion system to fit one or more of the following makes and models: Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Durango, Ford Range, Chevy Blazer


full sized track1Track conversion system to fit one or more of the following makes and models: Chevy Suburban, For F-150, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram 1500


utvtracksystem4-Wheel Drive with maximum 3,500 lbs, working in continuous cold conditions (0 to -30 F) and towing 500 - 1,000 lbs in deep snow


tractorracksystem1Used on light and heavy snow conditions, severe side slope applications, consistantly pulling 1,500 to 3,000 lbs


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