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Company Information

Brand Name

Super Heavy Duty®



Alamo Group (TX) Inc.

Alamo Group (TX) Inc.

Location of Origin

Seguin, Texas

Seguin, Texas



112" Flail Mower

Dual Wing Flail Mower with 112” rear and two 88” wings


Swath Width

112 in / 2,844.80 mm

264 in / 6,705.60 mm

Total Weight w/ Head and Oil

1,270 lb / 576 kg

5,674 lb / 2,574 kg


Total No. of Knives



Knife Type

4 oz course cut

4 oz course cut

Max. Cut Width

1 in / 25.4 mm

1 in / 25.4 mm

Attachment Method

Attachement Method

3-Point Mount

Mid Mount Wings and 3-Point Mount Rear Unit

Min. Requirements

Tractor Power

35 - 60 PTO HP depending on model HP



540 PTO

540 PTO

Min. Tractor Weight

4,200 lb / 1,905 kg

5,000 lb / 2,267.96 kg

Hydraulic Outlets


Self contained hydraulic system

Unique Features

3-point mounted flail for mowing flat areas efficiently and safely.

Available in 62”, 74”, 88”, 96”, and 112” mowing widths.

Available with 3 blade configurations and also as reverse rotation units.

Adjustable cutting height from 1/2” to 6”.

Heavy duty design for longer service life.

Available in a single right hand and dual wing configurations, cutting up to a 22’ swath in a single pass.

Piston-style pumps and motors offer smooth, efficient power transmission without the need for tractor hydraulics.

Front mounted hydraulic tank positioning for maximum visibility and easy access to control valve/pump assembly.

Wings are capable of mowing 40-degrees downward and 57-degrees upward and will reach a 14” horizontal lift.

Designed for mowing large areas safely.


Hydraulic version available in 88” and 96” mowing widths

Available in various offsets to allow specific cutting overlaps

Optional course cut or fine cut cuttershaft design

CAT III adapters available

Available with 3 blade configurations and also as reverse rotation units

Available with 60”, 74” or 88” Single or Dual Wing Mowers

Available with 62”, 74”, 88”, 96” or 112” Rear Mower

Offset Model Available

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