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EVO 3.0


Gun Height

89 in / 2.25 m

Gun Length

107.5 in / 2.73 m

Gun Width

84 in / 2.38 m

Gun Weight

1,332 lb / 602 kg

Total Height w/ Standard Mount

89 in / 2.2 m

Total Length w/ Standard Mount

107.5 in / 1.95 m

Total Width w/ Standard Mount

84 in / 1.75 m

Total Weight w/ Standard Mount

1,332 lb / 601.5 kg

Standard Mount

Mount Type(s)

Mobile Carriage, Straight Tower, Inclined Tower, Swing Arm


Compressor Type

Atlas Copco

Compressor Horsepower

5.4 hp / 4 kW


Fan Horsepower

14.7 hp / 11 kW

Min. Fan Speed


Valves /Nozzles/Nucleators

Nozzles / Valves

45 noz. / 2 valves

Nucleation Nozzles


Water Connections

Assembly Type

360 Swivel Central Camlock connection

Connector Size

2 in / 51 mm

Movement Capabilities

Axial Rotation Range

360 Degrees

Oscillation Range

10 to 330 Degrees

Water Flow/Pressure

Min. Water Flow

14 gpm / 53 lpm

Max. Water Flow

114 gpm / 432 lpm

Min. Water Pressure

116 psi / 8 bar

Max. Water Pressure

725 psi / 50 bar

Snow Projection

Maximum Snow Projection

164 ft / 50 m



1.6 hp / 1.2 kW


Voltage / Phase

480 V 3 phase

Frequency Range

50 Hz low / 60 Hz high

Unique Features

Economical and Efficient. Light Weight and Compact Design

(FBR)Fiberglass composite barrel with aluminum nozzle ring

Brass alloy nucleators and stainless steel water nozzles

Self draining valve unit & central water inlet


2m galvanized tower

4m galvanized hydraulic incline tower or winch tower

6m galvanized winch tower

Oil Free or oil compressor

Multi-language automation system software available

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