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American Track Truck, Inc.


B&C Snowcats




105M1A1 PLUS

Dual Track Assembly


Undercarriage Material

Steel and T1 steel, powder coated


304 Austenitic Stainless Steel


Total Weight w/ Tracks

775 lb / 352 kg

2,090 lb / 948 kg

1,576lb / 715kg

Recommended Max Gross Vehicle Weight

7,500 lb / 3,400 kg

10,500 lb / 4,762 kg

7,000lb / 3,175kg

Drive Assembly

Sprocket Diameter

17 in / 432 mm

18.5 in / 470 mm

18in. / 457mm

Drive Type

Internal, self cleaning, steel drum

Internal, Self-Cleaning

External, UHMW

Gear-Reduction Average

About 1/3 increase in gear reduction from stock tires

1/3 Increase in Gear Reduction on Vehicle with 30 in Standard Tire

Approximately 1/3 increase in gear reduction from OEM tires

Idler Wheels

32 wheels, shielded sealed bearings, 6.380" diameter

52 - 8"x2" with Shieleded and Sealed Bearings

48 wheels; sealed bearings; 5.625” Diameter

Idler Wheel Material

UHMW & Rubber

UHMW & Rubber

UHMW and Rubber

Track Belt

Track Width (Front)

15 in / 381 mm

16 in / 406 mm

15 X 2in. /381 X 2mm

Track Width (Rear)

15 in / 381 mm

16 in / 406 mm

15 X 2in. /381 X 2mm

Overall Track Length (Front)

136 in / 3,454 mm

125 in / 3,175 mm

121 AND 144in. /3,073 AND 3,658mm

Overall Track Length (Rear)

136 in / 3,454 mm

190 in / 4,825 mm

121 AND 144in. /3,073 AND 3,658mm

Tread Style

Full block style lugs, self cleaning

All Terrain, Self Cleaning

Chopped, Rigid Lugs

Lug Size / Height

0.75 in / 20 mm

1.5 in / 38.1 mm

1.25in. /31.75mm

Tread Material

Rubber, two ply, internal composite rods and cords

Rubber with Internal Composite Rods/Cord

Rubber, two ply, internal composite rods and cords


Recommended Operating Temperature

F -45 to +60 min./max F C -43 to +16 min./max C

-40 to 130 min./max F -40 to 55 min./max C

-45/+60min./max F-43/+16min./max C

Ground Contact Surface Area
- Minimum

2,700 in2 / 17,420 cm2

2,773 in2 / 17,890 cm2

5,040in.2 / 32,516cm2

Ground Contact Surface Area
- Maximum

3,420 in2 / 22,065 cm3

4,374 in2 / 28,219 cm3

6,960in.2 / 44,903cm3

Average Ground Pressure Range

1 to 2.25 psi / 6.9 to 15.5 kPa

1 to 2 psi / 7 to 14 kPa

0.85 to 1.23 PSI

Height at Center of Hub w/ Installed Track System

21 in / 533 mm

20.25 in / 514 mm

24in. /610mm

Unique Features

Clean and simple design is durable and nearly maintenance free.

Wear items consist of common snowmobile industry parts.

Lowest operational costs of any other track system available.

Installs in under an hour typically with no other modifications.

Easily transferred between different vehicles.

“PLUS” series extends ground contact while providing vehicle clearance

Internal Rocker Arm Suspension for Extra Smooth Ride

Exclusive Anti-Torque System

All Terrain, All Season Approved

Removable Track Tensioner for easy track Servicing

Double surface area without vehicle width increase.
Dual Track Configuration centers assembly on hub.
Stainless construction for no coating to deteriorate.
Stainless doesn’t get brittle at subzero temperatures.
All wear components off-the-shelf snowmobile.


Pre-Studded Track Belts with 1” tall lugs.

External Drive Sprockets, for heavy towing, bolt on in minutes.

HD Bogie upgrade.

HD Frame upgrade, for use on heavier vehicles.

Bolt Pattern Adapters, allowing fitment to multiple vehicles.

A2 Model Features Rubber Cushioned internal Suspension

A2 Model Features Lightweight Aluminum Cast Frame

SA - Steering Assist for reduced steering effort

ECM - Electronic Control Module

150 Series for 12,500 lb GVW

Adapter plates for almost any bolt pattern.

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