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Gilbert RTS Premium

Vehicle Requirements

Type of Vehicle

4WD or Front Assist Tractors

4 wheel drive

2-Wheel Drive, 4-Wheel Drive Tractor

Gross Vehicle Weight

25,000 lb / 11,340 GVW

23,700 lb / 10,772 GVW

19,140 lb / 8,700 GVW

Recommended Max Speed

20 mph / 32 km/h

15 mph / 25 km/h

20 mph / 30 km/h

Recommended Front Axle Weight

10,000 lb / 4,535 kg

9,300 lb / 4,200 kg


Recommended Rear Axle Weight

15,000 lb / 6,804 kg

10,500 lb / 4,800 kg


Qty of Tracks on System

Four Track System

4 Track System

2-Track System


Height (Front)
(2 Track System Height)

46.3 in / 1,176 mm

29 in / 737 mm

58 in / 1,473 mm

Height (Rear)

58.3 in / 1,481 mm

36 in / 914 mm


Length (Front)
(2-Track System Length)

68.9 in / 1,750 mm

69 in / 1,753 mm

143 in / 3,632 mm

Length (Rear)

74.8 in / 1,900 mm

76 in / 1,930 mm


Total Weight of All Tracks Combined

5,200 lb / 2,360 kg

7690 lb / 3,495 kg



Track Material

Rubber with Internal Composite Rods/Cord

Rubber Compound w/ inernal Re inorced Composites

Rubber Compound w/Steel Reinorced Plies and Cables

Track Width (Front)
(2 Track System Width)

20 in / 508 mm

20 in / 500 mm

30 in / 762 mm

Track Width (Back)

30 in / 762 mm

25 in / 639 mm


Track Style

All Terrain Self Cleaning

All-Terra in

All-Terrainwith Agressive V-Pattern, Positive Drive, Smooth Ride

Track Thickness

2.5 in / 63.5 mm

3.5 in / 89 mm

2 in / 50.8 mm


Front and/or 2-Track Suspension

Exclusive Anti-Torque, Concentric Pivot, Oscillatin Rocker Arms

Low Pivot Po in (Comfort Ride)

Air Suspension on Tractor, Rubber Sprin inividual on Boogie Wheels and Side Frame Articulation

Rear Track Suspension

Exclusive Anti-Torque, Concentric Pivot, Oscillatin Rocker Arms

Low Pivot Po in (Comfort Ride)

Steel with Solid Rubber

Wheel Material

Aluminum and Rubber

UHMW & Rubber


Sprocket Material


Inernal Drive Sprocket System

Anti-Torque System

Patented Rubber Torsion Anti-Torque


Anti-slip System

Studdable Track



Recommended Operating Temperature

-40 to 130 min/max F -40 to 55 min/max C


-45F° to +130°F min/max F -43C° to +55C° min/max C

Gear Reduction w/ Tracks On

25 to 50% Gear Reduction dependin on originl tire size

25-50% depend in on orig inl tire size

35-50 %

Ground Contact Surface Area Minimum

4,968 in2 / 32,051 cm2

5,930 in / 15,062 cm2

8,580 in2 / 55,355 cm2

Ground Contact Surface Area Maximum

7,244 in2 / 46,735 cm3

6,560 in / 16,662 cm3

8,580 in2 / 55,355 cm3

Total Ground Pressure

2.6 psi 17.9 kPa

4.07 psi 25.6 kPa


Increase Ground Clearance


19 in / 479 mm


Unique Features

Internal Rocker Arm Suspension for Extra Smooth Ride

Exclusive Anti-Torque System

All Terrain, All Season Approved

Removable Track Tensioner for easy track Servicing

Ramp front and back for optimum mobility

No change in tractor to install track: better resale value

Easy to come back on wheel for summer use

Best traction, with 4 tracks that always have good ground contact

Track follow the ground with low pivot point (comfort ride)

Deluxe heavy duty 9 positions blade

Two wide tracks for exceptional flotation

Chassis design allows optimal stability and maximum traction

Exclusive 6-way blade with tripping system

Chassis design is stress-free for the tractor

Efficient track system offering 20% fuel savings


Track Guide for added Side Hill Capability

HD Option for additional load capacity

Sprocket Sizing to match any Tractor

Grouser Bars for added traction and floatation

ST-600 WT

ST-600 +

Cab brush guard protection

Agressive ice studs for icy conditions - 10$/stud

Auxiliary fuel tanks

Storage/Tool Boxes

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