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Brighton announces Crest 6 project

Doppelmayr will build the first D-Line lift in Utah this summer, a six-pack replacing the aging Crest Express at Brighton Resort. The replacement lift will feature 90-degree loading with a conveyor and video screen. Riders will enjoy a 5.3-minute ride time with a capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour. Crest will serve mountain bikers in the summer with three bike clips on each chair. The lift won’t have bubbles or heated seats.

For nearly 50 years, this club has maintained the trails of southwestern Ontario and built memories to last

By Paul Adair


Snowmobile trails don’t groom themselves. However, if they did, they could probably learn a thing or two from the members of the Athens and District Snow­mobile Club.

Canadian company FortyNine51 is a distributor of Italian LISKI’s line of safety and racing products

By Lisa Kopochinski


LISKI is a well-known line of Italian sports equipment. So, it’s unsurprising to anyone who knows Sami Piana that he would be one of the largest distributors of LISKI products.

Educating management for the future

By Deb Draper


Ski area resort operations become more complex as the industry tries to respond to climate change, new technologies, sustainability efforts and increasing guest expectations for a vacation experience that meets their diverse desires.

NSAA’s updated ‘Your Responsibility Code’ outlines what guests need to know before hitting the slopes

By Paul Adair


If you buy a new computer, you look at the manual. If you’re building a shelf, you look at the instructions. However, do you know where to look if you’re hitting the slopes for a fun weekend of skiing or snowboarding?

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