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By Deb Smith

For decades, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been part of the culture on ski hills across Europe. With many different inter-connected operators, and skiers wanting to access them all, it was critical to develop a one-pass system that tracked usage for apportioning the cost of the passes. That hasn’t been an issue in North America,

Prepare your snowmobile for its annual rest

By Mike Stimpson

It’s common knowledge that bears hibernate, and in autumn they prepare for hibernation by foraging for the food to build fat for sustenance through the cold winter months.

Well, your snowmobile does what you might call a “reverse hibernation.” It lays dormant in the warmer months, after the days of traversing snow-covered terrain are over. 

More and more four-season resorts are choosing mountain coasters as a way to increase revenues and enhance their brand as a premier recreation destination 

By Mark Halsall

These days, an increasing number of ski resorts are adding attractions to beef up their appeal as popular year-round recreation destinations. When it comes to summer customers, offerings like mountain bike parks, zip lines and aerial adventure courses are a popular draw, but the hottest ticket right now may be the alpine coaster. 

Nordic walking is a popular fitness activity in Europe that started out as a cross-training activity for skiers. Here’s why it’s catching on in North America.

By Mark Halsall

Even in the cold of winter, people are often looking for different activities to do that provide great outdoor exercise. There are tried and true options like skiing and skating, of course, but there’s one up-and-coming activity you may not even know about that doesn’t need deep powder or a frozen pond. 

Less is more with the Tucker-Terra Model 1100 from Tucker Sno-Cat. This new grooming machine is an attractive option for snow clubs looking to stretch their grooming budgets.

By Jim Timlick

Tucker Sno-Cat Corp. has long been regarded as one of the most successful manufacturers of snow grooming vehicles in the world. That reputation has been earned, in large part, by the Medford, Ore.-based company’s willingness to listen to what customers have to say.

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